The Satanic Witch

The Satanic Witch by Magistra June


When Immortal asked me to do the Satanic Witch page, I immediatly said yes. The book that Anton Szandor LaVey wrote,The Satanic Witch, is in my opinion a bit outdated. So here are my views on Satanic Witches


A Satanic Witch is capable of doing almost anything she wants, by using her female powers. If she wants something or someone, she will go out and get it. There are a few factors that a woman should have and do that will contribute to the succes of being a good Satanic Witch. The most important thing is the inner beauty, that she uses to the fullest. Also the non-verbal communication is one of the main things a satanic witch knows how to use. Some ppl seem to think that the way they dress make them a satanic witch, but that's not important, a Satanic Witch will always be beautifull, no matter what time of day. We will now focus on the factors one by one.

Inner Beauty

As I said in the introduction inner beauty is the most important factor that a Satanic Witch uses for her own self . A woman is beautifull when she feels beautifull from the inside out, there's no use of getting all dressed up and wear perfect make-up when she feels lousy about herself. Self-esteem is projected on the outside world, and people will see right through you when you don't feel self-confidant. A satanic Witch will never allow anyone to see her weaknesses, only her strong side.Only her loved one will see her true self. How to adcieve this state of mind? There are a few posibilities. You are born as a Satanic Witch, that's the easiest of all. Like A.S. LaVey said you are born satanic you don't become one. But be realistic here, many of us were differend as a kid. Unless you had parents that were realistic about life and were satanic in there views and ideas. But if you haven't had this advantage, you had to have some kind of experience that made you looked at the world as a different person. The truth is being a Satanic Witch is a form of art, you have to have devotion and principals twenty-four hours a day, and stick to that. There's no way you can practise in this artform, you are or you are not formed as one. You can learn to have self-esteem, but that is just a beginning. You have to use this to adcieve your goals, and to be honest you have to have the talent for that.

Body Language

"And there she was, the mysterious girl with that glow in her eyes. She had never spoken to him, but the magic was there. Every Saturday night he would sit at the bar, so he could see the entrance, and every saturday night she would walk in at 11:30. Their eyes would meet and she always gave him a smile. Shivers ran down his spine everytime she did that, that smile would get him through the week. If he just found the courage to walk up to her and say hi."
This is an example of a Satanic Witch who knows how to use her talents. Body language is so important to a Satanic Witch, that I can surly say it's one of her most powerfull talents she can use to pull the right strings. To get to this point she has to understand the male human being. She has to know how to exit him, what his ideas and weak spots are . The only way to do that is to observe, and try different approaces. Observation and patience, the key words for a Satanic Witch. Practise this and things will go into the right direction. Learn and seek your own way that works for you. One thing alot of men will confirm is the eyes, ask what they find so attractive and they will say: "the eyes caught me, like a fly in a spiders web." There's no easy way to learn to look mysterious, you just need to practise and let your inner beauty show trough the eyes.

Clothing and Make-up

I can tell you one thing. A man hates it when a woman puts on so much make-up that you can't see the skin anymore. Take it easy on the make-up girls! Black is fine, but black-holes for eyes are not so sensual to stare in. Red lipstick is fine, but guys just hate it when they get to a mirror and see that their face or neck is smudged. Perfum, same thing, we all have our own odour, men like that. Don't go cover it up with heavy perfums that smell like fake roses. Get something like musk or some other neutral perfum to wear. Now for the clothing. A satanic witch looks great in almost anything, as long as she feels great and sexy in it. But also think about the shape of body you have. Make it look sexy and gorgeous, and not cheap and slutty. You are not a Satanic Witch when every man wants to have sex because you look like a slut. You want every men to want you as your girlfriend, wife and friend. Sex is a different subject.

Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and piercings are nowadays accepted as a normal thing. You can make a statement through them, and I think it's just a matter of opinion if you wanna take them or not. It won't be a flaw to take them, purity comes from the inside not the outside.

The sexual act

If you had sex with a Satanic Witch, you never want something else in your life again"
Many men and woman (I don't wanna rule out the lebians and the bi-sexuels here) stated this. And it's true. Since Satanic Witches know the (fe)male body and its weakenesses, she just knows how to exit it. And get the fullest pleasure out of it. For her but also for the other party. She knows how to pleasure the body as well as the mind.

What is a "Satanic Witch"? by IMMORTAL

In my own views, a Satanic Witch, is a very intelligent, female Satanist. One who posseses the ability to obtain her every desire. They are not women who practice white, grey or black magic to recieve wisdom and materialism, but use their minds instead. Utilizing their powers for the seduction of men, is quite a powerful gift! But non theless, some do use spells to make their essence attractive, and sweet smelling.

This is called the lesser and greater magic of the Satanic Witch. As expressed by Anton Szandor LaVey, "It is a sin to aproach a female, unless the mating signal is given!" This is where magic takes its shape. The beauty of the Satanic Witch is much deeper, Aesthetics plays a large role behind the Satanic Witch, where it is a sin not to utilize this creation.

Some claim that the Satanic Witch is a gready bitch? I dissagree with the upmost respect to all of theSatanic Witch that keep our race alive. The Satanic Witch is generally not recognized as the mother to the human race, cause face it men, if we did not have our women, man and woman would cease to excist! So respect your witch for she is the fruit of our lives, and the mother of our kindred.

Knowing your position on the Synthesizer clock and learning how one's moods and situations can change that position to bring out different aspects of their personality is one. This comes in handy when there is someone on your side of the clock, for your position can shift, and so can theirs. Dont limit yourself to one set exact type, there may be many great opportunities out there to take advantage of! Learning to cater to someone's desires is very important, but some things in you, especially your appearance cannot or will not be adaptable. Focus on the other things that can be easily changed, like your environment, or the other person's desires and wishes.

This is not to say that the sole purpose of a Satanic Witch is to take things from, or take advantage of men (or women). The idea is to use your lesser magic, as a Satanist, to achieve your desires. If a man gets joy from fulfilling your desires, you are not taking anything away from him, you are giving. The point is NOT to let societal restrictions sail you through a narrow path between the Scylla of Guilt and the Charybdis of Disapproval, solely for using what you have to get ahead in this world! I'm tired of listening to all the feminists complain that women aren't equal to men. Well, the truth is that we are different, and until women start growing penises and men grow breasts, we always will be. To quote Dr. LaVey, "The true test of anyone's worth as a living creature is how much he can utilize what he has." People need to stop whining about what they don't have and start utilizing what they do have. The world would be a much more productive place."The point is NOT to let societal restrictions sail you through a narrow path between theScylla of Guilt and the Charybdis of Disapproval, solely for using what you have to get ahead in this world! I'm tired of listening to all the feminists complain that women aren't equal to men. Well, the truth is that we are different, and until women start growing penises and men grow breasts, we always will be.To quote Dr. LaVey, "The true test of anyone'sworth as a living creature is how much he canutilize what he has." People need to stop whining about what they don't have and start utilizingwhat they do have. The world would be a much more productive place."

Chapters in the book "The Satanic Witch" by Anton Szandor LaVey


1. Are You a Witch? ...includes - The Myth of the "White Witch", The Drug Scene, The Married Witch versus the Single Witch, Choose an Image, and "Natural" versus "Acquired" Ability.

2. Knowing Yourself and Others ...includes - The Real You, The LaVey Personality Synthesizer, Predominantly Masculine Types in Female Bodies and Vice Versa, Temperament, Skin and Flesh Tone, General Proportions, Sexual Proclivities, Sense of Humor, Alcohol and Drug Use, Professions and Occupations, Sports Athletics Aches and Pains, Are you Passive or Dominant by Nature?, The Power of Certain Names, His Name, The Law of the Attraction of Opposites, By his Automobile Ye Shall know Him, and Sleep Patterns...and Other Bedroom Activities.

3. E.S.P.: Extra Sensual Projection ...includes - The Pupils of his Eyes as a Measurement for Success, Sound, On the Importance of Odors, Taste, and Touch.

4. Looks Mean Everything ...includes - You Don't Have to be Ugly, Make-Up: Projective Coloration, Your Fur, Your Undercoat, The Law of the Forbidden, and Secrets of Indecent Exposure.

5. Fashion: The Witch's Greatest Friend, The Witch: Fashion's Worst Enemy ...includes - Cartoon Cuties, Stockings versus Panty Hose, The High Heel, On Prostitutes and Pentagrams, Accessories, and Color Clues for Witches.

6. Bitchcraft ...includes - Taking Advantage of Men who Think They're Taking Advantage of You, How and When to Lie, Learn to be Stupid, How to Charm a Married Man, Giving In, The Folly in Trying to Charm a Self-Aware Homosexual, The Lesbian Witch, and Gestures Mannerisms Toilet Habits and Assorted Ploys.

7. Means of Divination ...includes - How To Tell Fortunes With no Previous Experience, "Cold" Reading and "Casing the Mark", and Prophesy.

8. Ceremonial Magic ...includes - Sex Magic Without Sanctimony, Casting a Spell, How to Protect Yourself from Another Witch's Curse, How to Become a Succubus and Attack the Man of Your Choice While he Sleeps, and On Choosing a Familiar or a Demon.

9. Public Relations for Witches ...includes - How to Break the News.

Here are a few guidelines for the "uniform" of the compleat witch. Though all of these elements are highlighted in Anton LaVey's book on the use of feminine power, The Satanic Witch, this is a distilled, easy-to-understand cheat sheet. These are the first steps towards distinguishing yourself as a witch, unconstrained by the common fetters of "freedom" established by our Liberated Sisters. Why should we let transvestites be the only ones empowered to flaunt the trappings of women anymore? Many of these things are talismanic; perhaps no one will see them, but they are there for us to feel, as a constant reminder of who and what we are - pioneers in the Age of Fire. Women should stop living in fear that, if they dare dress like women, they'll either get criticized by other women or hassled by creeps on the street. If our society has degenerated to such a state of lawlessness that a woman can't wear a pair of high heels in public without inviting rape, then, to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, Satanic women better stand up on our hind legs, dress enticingly and carry a big stick - or whatever weapon it takes to protect ourselves.

How should a Satanic Witch dress? (as written in the book "the Satanic Witch by Anton Szandor LaVey)

1. Skirt or dress, straight cut, above the knee - we are the truly liberated! That means we use the power of being woman as women. On one hand, women are told to love themselves and advance toward a position of authority in society; at the same time, fashions dictate that we dress as impotent little girls, trying to fit into our fathers' oversized clothes. This is senseless to the Satanic Witch. Clingy, smooth fabrics are flattering to a woman's figure, with a belt to accent the waistline. Try to stick with classic V-neck lines.

2. High heels, at least - the classic witches' shoe. Most flattering to the leg, as it creates an inviting S-curve, and a nice jiggle to your walk without even trying. If you've never worn them, don't overestimate your shoe size. If they fit like your running shoes or sandals, they're too large. Give yourself time to learn to walk in them; skip an exercize class and give yourself a real workout!

3. No bikini underwear - always full-cut; white, off-white or dusty-pink; rayon or nylon (smooth-finish) panties. The bikini cut was designed for women with no curves. They are an anathema to the witch. They give no emphasis to your ample hips or pleasingly small waist.

4. No pantyhose - the enemy of every witch. They are nylon pants strangling our sex, allowing for no ventilation or freedom of movement. The classic seamed stocking was designed to augment the beauty of a woman's leg, the seam tracing the gentle curves, the dark contrasting top accenting a woman's seldom glimpsed thigh. Make sure the stocking is proportioned so the top hits you just a couple of inches above the knee. No flashy colors. Beige-toned, smooth finish, seamed stockings are more eye-fetching than any purple-ribbed or paisley-flowered leg.

5. Garter Belt - not the sateen-covered rings of elastic that are thrown at weddings or that teenagers dangle from their rear view mirrors. Hunt down a plain, white garter belt that goes around the waist. No frills, lace, or black and red imitation-satin "stage-undies" that are designed for one night's use. You want the 10,000 mile kind, that lasts long enough to look dingy and soiled; the kind of underwear any decent, God-fearing woman would be mortified if a man glimpsed.

6. Vivid make-up - use classic bright reds for your nails and lips. Eye shadow should be dramatic blues and greens. Blush should look rosy and pink, not like shades of brown and subtle earth-tones. "Tasteful" translates to "that which will make others comfortable". Don't be shy. It's to our advantage to stand out.

7. No perfumes or heavy deodorants - the scent of your own flesh is enticing enough. Perfumes just irritate.

8. No excessive jewelry - one ring on each hand is plenty. And you don't need to wear three or four necklaces at a time; weighing yourself down with heavy jewelry only detracts from a woman's body. You don't need to mar yourself with tattoos and piercings to get attention. More than one earring in each ear doesn't highlight your best features, it camouflages them. A nose stud just invites someone to try to wipe the booger off your nose.

9. No tattoos or piercings - don't permanently brand yourself as a slave to fashion. As Dr. LaVey has said, "A woman should be a work of art; she shouldn't have to have art tattooed on her.

Anton LaVey, The Satanic Witch, copyright 1970




content and some material taken from Reflections of Graduer and the Satanic witch club for the sole fact that a male satanist cannot provide material for the Satanic Witch